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Helpful Information for Employers

Employers play a key role in the success of Franklin County's Child Support program.  Thank you for your support and dedication! 

Below you will find information that may be helpful in processing income withholding orders for child support and medical support.

The Employer's Resource Guide to Child Support from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services provides information that will help ensure that child support orders are processed accurately and timely.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services' Office of Child Support Enforcement Employer Resources page provides an overview of several topics including:
‚Äč*Payroll and lump-sum income withholding
*Remittance time frames and default
*Electronic remittance
*Payments by mail
*Withholding limits
*Processing multiple withholding orders
*Reporting new hire information and changes in employee status
*Medical support orders and the National Medical Support Notice

A Multi-Order Calculator has been created to assist employers in determining the appropriate amount of support to deduct and remit for employees with multiple child support orders.  Go to and click on "calculator".

Click below to browse our collection of additional pamphlets and fact sheets.