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Parenting is an amazing journey.   Our Journey Team is here to help.

Journey is a new, limited-time opportunity designed to help parents with:
  • Securing a steady income
  • Staying on top of their child support order
  • Exploring options for parenting time orders & mediation
  • Gaining strategies to be the best parent they can be
If selected to participate in Journey services, benefits include:
  • Job search and career guidance designed to help succeed provided by local experts
  • Parenting support from other parents and professionals
  • Access to help in navigating child support

Journey is part of a research study.  Limited spots are available!  Eligible individuals will be selected at random for limited space in the program.

Learn more!

Parents living in Franklin County who are in the process of establishing a child support case or have had an order to pay support recently set should contact us today to learn more:
  • Call or Text (380) 209-0827
  • Email