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Visitation and Custody FAQs

If the other party is not paying child support, can I curtail their visitation privileges?

If visitation has been ordered, you do not have the legal right to withhold that visitation. Issues on visitation, custody, and shared parenting are separate from support.

If I'm paying my child support, but the other party is not letting me have visitation, can I stop paying my child support?

No! If visitation was ordered, you will need to engage a private attorney to file a motion against the other party who would be in contempt of the visitation order. The CSEA cannot do this for you, or on your behalf, since the agency has no authority under Ohio statutes to address visitation issues. A less costly way to resolve parenting issues has recently been adopted in Franklin County. Visitation mediation is available for parents who already have court-ordered visitation, but who are experiencing difficulties in this area.

Visitation Mediation

Visitation mediation is available for both divorced parents and parents who were never married to each other. This type of mediation is a process that gives parents an opportunity to resolve visitation issues before getting a magistrate or a judge involved. Either parent may request visitation mediation without filing for legal proceedings. Additionally, a magistrate or judge may refer pending contempt cases for this mediation process. Contempt motions are costly, time consuming, and often increase problems between parents. This service provides parents with an opportunity to address visitation issues in a timely manner. At present, there is no charge for visitation mediation. If you would like more information about visitation mediation (called parenting time mediation by the Court), please call (614) 525-5872.