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Title IV-D Program

Title IV-D refers to the section of the Social Security Act which authorizes federal assistance for the child support program. Enforcement actions available only to those clients enrolled in the Title IV-D Program include the following:

  • Location services provided by the Ohio Parent Locator Service and the Federal Parent Locator Service.
  • On cases with support arrears, interception of an obligor's income tax refunds from the Federal and State Tax Offset Programs.
  • Withholding of Unemployment Compensation for payment of support.
  • Requests to the Internal Revenue Service for disclosure of taxpayer information for use in establishing and collecting support obligations.

The above referenced services are free, but are offered only to clients who have completed an application for child support services. If a custodial parent is receiving public assistance benefits (including medical benefits), the case is automatically classified as a IV-D case.

If you are not sure whether your case is a "IV-D case", give us a call today at 614-525-3275. If your case is non IV-D and you want to complete an application for child support services, click on the link to be taken to a page where you can download forms JFS 07076 (Application for Child Support Services), JFS 07012 (Rights and Responsibilities) and JFS 04059 (Explanation of State Hearing Procedures). Fill out and sign these forms and return them to us to take advantage of the services listed above.

Title IV-D Program Application Form